SLO Stylish February 2024 Blog

Published on 20 February 2024 at 10:45

So excited to be back to blogging!  I took a break to start another side hustle which turned into more of hustle than I planned... watch out what you wish for... sometimes your dreams come true! 

This month, we had the chance to visit the lovely town of Solvang for two different visits!  The first was a day trip to meet up with family visiting and it was an absolutely perfect day.  We met up for lunch at the Copenhagen Sausage Garden.  It was a great outdoor spot to get a sausage from whatever country you want and have a pint of your favorite to complement.  Felt very Octoberfest-like in their beer garden!  We then made our way to the Solvang Restaurant for the famous Aebleskiver... always a must in Solvang.  We always just get it to go in their walk-up window.  You get 3 Aebleskivers with powdered sugar and jam!  We did a walking tour of the town to show our visitors what the town had to offer.  There are lots of fun shops, especially for Christmas items.  A great local bookstore with a Hans Christian Andersen museum to learn about his life!  And most of all, so many bakeries to choose from.  We went to Mortensen's for a pastry sampler to take home.  

My next opportunity to go to Solvang was for a Valentine's Date night.  I had no idea that Solvang was only 1 hour from San Luis Obispo and an easy drive down the 101.  It is beautiful now with the green hills.  My honey and I stayed at Mirabelle Inn which is a little boutique hotel on the edge of town but walking distance to the shops and restaurants.  The First and Oak restaurant there is so good too.  We chose to try Mad & Vin at the Landsby for our Valentine's dinner and it was a fun pick!  They offered his and hers cocktails to start and their menu is unique treat.  I recommend the carmelized brussels sprouts to start ... some of the best we have had, almost a meal by itself.  For our brunch, we made our way to Paula's Pancake House which is a cozy, family-owned spot that serves Danish Pancakes and sausage.   Highly recommend.  Go early or during the week because it gets very crowded.  Other restaurants I would recommend that I need to try next time are Peasant's Feast and Coast Range.  Solvang makes for a great day trip or weekend getaway.  There is always wine tasting nearby in Los Olivos and Santa Ynez to fill up your days.  More to come as our adventures on the central coast of California continue!  


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